Personal Property Law


Tangible Personal Property is a very unique and specialized combination of business law, personal property law, valuation law and tax law related to the client’s art and collectibles. We provide the following unique services for our clients:

Collection Management & Transactions

LLC Holding Entities for Art and Various Collections

Acquisitions and Purchases

Consignment Agreements

Private Agreements of Sale

Bills of Sale

Agent Agreements & Negotiations

Auction Consignment Agreement Negotiations

Valuation (Appraisal) Consultation Services

Estate Collection Transactions such as transfers to the beneficiaries, and/or sales or donations

Charitable Contributions

Related Use Organization Confirmation

Qualified Appraiser and Appraisal Consultation and Assistance

Charitable Organization Acceptance Confirmation

Charitable Contribution Agreements with the Deed of Gift

Fractional Interest Donations

Bargain Sale Donations



Artist Consignment Agreements

Artist Commissioned Work Agreements

Artist Copyright and Moral Rights Issues

Copyright License Agreements

California Artists Resale Royalty Act Enforcement and Monitoring Assistance

Public Art Issues


Exhibition Loan Agreements

Acquisition Purchase Agreements

Sales, Deaccessions

Charitable Bargain Sale Agreements

Donor Assistance

Donee Form 8282 Related Issues

Valuation and Qualified Appraisal Consultation Services